Posted by: mummystuff | November 1, 2012

Happy Hallowe’en!

Yesterday was Hallowe’en and we always like to do something that fits the day nicely. We tend to find a party for Luke to go to, carve pumpkins and trick or treat and this year was no exception.

We started our day with pumpkin carving. We had three. One monster pumpkin and two smaller pumpkins.

Luke drew a basic face on one of the small ones and I carved it out and added a little spookiness to it because he wanted it to be ‘scary’. He was really pleased with the result.

I then carved the other small one with a pretty basic image before starting on my main pumpkin. Every year I try to do something a little more complex than the previous year and so, when I thought about the new Twilight film coming out in a couple of weeks time, I decided to see if anyone had carved any Twilight themed pumpkins. I was amazed to see quite so many and therefore decided I was going to give it a try.

I found an ‘Edward’ template and printed it. It already looked difficult but when I tried to trace it on to the pumpkin, it was just impossible so I drew the majority of it freehand and just copied (which in itself was hard enough!)

It took quite some time to draw, gut and carve all three but we really enjoyed it.

We later went to Tesco as they were holding a Hallowe’en event there. Luke took part in the fancy dress competition with his cousins and won. This is his third year in a row!

We attended a Spooky Supper at Dobbie’s Garden Centre which had been pre-booked. The cost was £7.95 and included dancing, games (guess the goo), cupcake decorating, a fancy dress competition and of course, a spooky supper (sausage and chips in Luke’s case). It was really good fun for all the kids.

We ended the day trick or treating in the rain around my sisters’ area and were pleased to see so many people making the effort for Hallowe’en. The best house was a lady that had set up a smoke machine by her side door so when the kids rang, the smoke billowed out and there were some spooky noises. They loved it.

We put a very tired, cold and wet* boy to bed rather late, but very happy.

*he wasn’t wet by the time he went to bed.













  1. I love his screwed up eyes as he’s feeling in the bag! Those pumpkins are so fun, but the Edward one is rather magnificent, thanks for linking it up.

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