Posted by: mummystuff | July 20, 2012

Goodbye My Little Pre-Schooler…

Today marked the day that Luke stopped being a ‘pre-schooler’. He’s now on his way to being in full time education. In six weeks time he will no longer be by my side all afternoon. Instead he will be with all of his friends in school.

We dropped him off this morning for his leavers party with cards, homemade cupcakes and little photo holders for his ‘ladies’ as he has so fondly called them for a long time. He had hot dogs and ice cream, played musical chairs and generally had a great time with his friends and teachers.

When we picked him up, three hours later, he hugged and kissed all five of the ladies in his room and said goodbye. These wonderful people have spent since 4th October 2010 with Luke and have been a part of his life five days a week for quite some time now. They’ve watched and helped him grow. We didn’t realise quite how much until recently when we were handed his Record Of Achievement to keep. It took ages to get through everything in there but it was fantastic to see exactly what he had been up to for 21 months.

Leaving there today was emotional to say the least. The teachers were crying, other parents were crying, I was crying. It was actually difficult to stop sobbing even after I’d dropped Matt back at home afterwards. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t and didn’t feel all that emotional until I was standing in the queue waiting for Luke to come out. Then it just hit me. That’s it. He’s got six weeks and then he goes off to ‘big’ school.

Where did my baby go….?






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