Posted by: mummystuff | April 24, 2012

Race For Life

Back in 2007, just as I found out that I was pregnant, I took part in the Race For Life. I raised quite a lot of money and completed it in 45 minutes.

Now, here I am, doing it again in July.

Cancer is something that I’ve seen a lot of, unfortunately. My Grandad died from Prostate cancer in 1996, my Nan died from Mesothelioma in 2010 and my Dad also suffered from Prostate Cancer in 2002, but I’m really pleased to say that he was one of the lucky ones and although he had to endure invasive surgery, he is still alive and kicking today 🙂

I would just like to ask you to find it in your heart to donate a small amount for a good cause? If so, simply hit the button below. Thank you 🙂

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!



  1. Done.

    Dad: liver and bowel cancer (survived). Grandad: stomach cancer. Nan: oesophogial cancer. Bampi: pancreatic cancer. Great aunt: stomach cancer. Great Uncle: stomach cancer.

    Good luck chick.

  2. I have sponsored. I wish it was more. I lost my dad through cancer, my grandpa and a friend. Now my Uncle has it. Horrible disease. Good luck. x

  3. A horrible way to go and a great cause, I am ding a pub quiz this week to raise money. Great idea to put it up on your blog x

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