Posted by: mummystuff | March 28, 2012


I love baking. I really love it, but I don’t get a lot of time for it, nor can I eat most of what I would bake seeing as I am on Slimming World and can’t justify the calories in a cupcake covered in buttercream icing.

However, when the opportunity arises, I grasp it with both hands and dive in.

Tomorrow is an open day at Luke’s pre-school. We were asked to fill a paper plate with cakes (home-made or bought) an bring them in for a cake stall. Being Secretary on the committee, I decided to do a little more and baked a dozen cupcakes and a giant doughnut cake.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out. The doughnut cake is my third in a few weeks and I used different icing for the top this time as the last one was quite thin and I was unhappy with it. I also made pink and white icing for the buttercream filling (which I also used for some of the cupcakes too) and I’m really delighted with how they look.

I’m not a professional, far from it, and I’m more than open to suggestions as to how I can improve and make them even more pretty.

My baking supplies drawers are increasing and it helps to make better looking cakes. I’ve also been buying the new magazine that’s out weekly and is a really good source for learning new techniques and for new ideas.

Anyway, here are a few of the cakes I have made over the past three years. Some were thrown together really quickly, I’m sure you can tell which!
















  1. You certainly love piping your frostings don’t you? You’re very good at it, I can’t get the consistency right to pipe it very well. Love the doughnut cake!

  2. Wow! That doughnut cake looks amazing.! Your piping skills are really good, I wish mine were., I need a lesson – fancy helping me? X

  3. A girl after my own heart with all that baking! Looks scrummy!

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