Posted by: mummystuff | March 22, 2012

30 Day Shred

OK, so as per this post, I started the Jillian Michaels’ ’30 Day Shred’ on Monday. As all of the information is in the other post, I’m going to use this one to update on progress and how I am finding it.

Day 1: Monday 19th March, 2012

Today was hard. I really struggled to keep up with the exercises. The pace is fast and as it’s been a while since I last exercised due to my foot injury, I wasn’t quite prepared for how intense this was going to be. By the time I got to bed, I was in real agony. My muscles felt like they were being ripped apart. That’s good though – it means I was doing it correctly. Felt sick and shaky after the 20 minute session. I’ve somehow developed a cold out of nowhere too though. Feeling quite rough.

Day 2: Tuesday 20th March, 2012

Felt as rough as anything this morning. Hadn’t had a very good night’s sleep due to the cold. Managed to complete the session but found it incredibly hard as my legs and stomach hurt so much. The head cold I have didn’t help but I did it. Again, didn’t manage to keep to keep up entirely with the exercises but 90% is better than nothing. Felt really sick and shaky afterwards again. Sitting down is proving difficult today. The pain is immense.

Day 3: Wednesday 21st March, 2012

Ouch. Legs are really sore. Didn’t do great today. Felt like I didn’t give enough. Will focus more tomorrow and get on with it. Need to battle through that pain barrier. I CAN DO THIS! Bloody head cold needs to go though. Not making things any easier.

Day 4: Thursday 22nd March, 2012

Much better today. Found things easier, although it’s still tough. (I won’t lie). Arms are burning so much with weights, but that’s the whole point!

Took it upon myself today to enter into the Race For Life in July. That gives me 4 months to get myself in a position where I feel strong and fit. Bring it on!

Day 5: Friday 23rd March, 2012

Got a horrible chesty cough today. Was awake most of the night listening to Luke coughing and up and down attending to his needs whilst coughing a lung up myself. Not much fun and not much sleep so feeling tired.

Managed most of the exercises. Struggling a little with the cardio. It’s definitely getting easier though. My endurance has most certainly improved.


Just a quick update on this. I gave up. The only reason I gave up is simply because it was wrecking my knees and I couldn’t continue. I wasn’t happy but after injuring myself last year through exercising, I wasn’t going to let it happen again, so the decision was made to stop. 

On to Zumba!


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