Posted by: mummystuff | March 19, 2012


We have a Zoo called Hamerton Zoo Park which is very close by (15-20 minutes from my house).

It’s a breeding zoo and is brilliant if you’re after something interesting to do for a couple of hours. The prices are reasonable, but what’s even better, is that you can purchase a season ticket, which is valid for one full year from the date of purchase for just £28.50 for an adult. This means you could go every single day (except Xmas day) for a year if you wanted to. Excellent value.

We went yesterday afternoon and although it’s not the first time we have been (probably around the 50th!) it’s been a few months and do things had changed quite considerably. New additions include the Giant Anteater, along with an aviary full of Amazonian birds (which were VERY loud), the porcupine (which I’ve never seen yet as its always been hiding) and soon there will be some Zebra.

Favourites include the Lemurs and Lar Gibbons. One of which has a leg missing but manages perfectly well, the Cheetah’s, the very big and beautiful Poitou Donkey’s, and by far, my absolute personal favourites are Blizzard and Lady Belle, the Begal Tigers which were brought to the Zoo around 10 and 11 years ago. They’re beautiful. Lady Belle is a traditional orange tiger, whereas Blizzard, yes, you’ve guessed it, is a gorgeous white tiger. He’s endangered and one of only around 40 white tigers in the UK. They’ve been hoping that the two would mate but after all these years, I’m not sure it’s going to happen now. We can live in hope.

All of the animals are in good health, well looked after and have plenty of space.

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, I’d definitely recommend a visit.











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