Posted by: mummystuff | March 16, 2012

My Boy is Four

Tuesday saw Luke’s birthday come and go. It seemed to have flown by quite quickly, just like the past 4 years.

We wanted to celebrate in style, so we hired a local hall and booked a children’s entertainer called Mr Fuzzy. Originally, we had planned to keep it simple this year after catering for his past three birthdays myself and losing part of his special day to cooking and stressing. However, due to his actual birthday falling on a Tuesday and it being a work and school day, we opted to celebrate on the Sunday before. This meant that cooking and organising wouldn’t affect any time that had to spend with him on his special day.

We arrived at the hall an our before the party. We put up balloons and banners, set out the party food (there was a lot) and put the table up for the kids to eat at.

People arrived from 12.45 onwards and at first, Luke was a bit overwhelmed and shy. He soon came out of his shell once his cousins arrived and Mr Fuzzy started his show.

Mr Fuzzy was brilliant. His show lasted around 50 minutes and consisted of him doing silly things such as trying to put his clown shoes on over the top of his ‘normal’ shoes, flying across the room on the top of a box which he had ‘fallen’ on top of, getting someone to hold a balloon and stretching it and letting go so it pinged against his fingers. He somehow managed to keep all the kids in line and even when they got a bit too loud or silly, he managed to get them sitting back down again and watching.

He tried to get Luke involved but he doesn’t really like to be the centre of attention, so used other kids to help him out instead. At the end Luke did get up and accepted a present from Mr Fuzzy which was a massive Octopus made from balloons. He also did a ‘magic photo’ trick which saw a blank frame magically have a photograph of Luke (supplied by us prior to the party) appear inside. Impressive.

Once he had finished, he led all the kids to the table to sit down whilst the food was unwrapped. Then parents came along and helped the kids choose their food.

After they’d all eaten, we lit Luke’s very special ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ cake that had been beautifully crafted by Debbie Jane’s Cakes (she has been making cakes for us now since 2006) and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’.

Then it was time for games. We played musical bumps, musical statues and pass the parcel. All the kids won sweets which always makes them happy!

That concluded the party. I handed out party bags and thanked everyone for coming. I think I managed to count 24 kids in the end which I was really pleased with. It was so nice to see so many people turning up to celebrate his birthday with him. We had friends travel from Dunstable and Coventry too which is always lovely and my Great Auntie also attended which always makes it special. He came home with a massive bag of presents (spoilt boy!) which he opened the next morning as it was too late after we finally arrived back home at 7pm.

Luke’s actual birthday was much quieter. We took him and his cousin (whose birthday had been the day before – she was 3), to breakfast and then on to Big Sky soft play where we all had fun playing on the bouncy castle (the same one I had injured myself on 2 weeks prior to this visit) and had some lunch.

Later that evening, we met up with all of his cousins and we went to Pizza Hut where the kids had dinner and then all headed back to our house where his Auntie and Uncle and Grandad presented him with their presents. I think he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday. He was a very lucky little boy and now has many new toys to play with, some money to spend and a couple of vouchers for Next and Toys R Us.



  1. Happy Birthday to Luke xx

    • Thanks Susan. 🙂 I can’t believe he’s 4 now.

  2. wow, it looked like an amazing day. I’m sure Luke will remember it for a long time.

    • Thanks. Yes I think he will too. It was a fab day 🙂

  3. The sonic cake is very good!! I wish i could decorate cakes!! And well done to you for entertaining 24 kids – thats a lot of attendees to please! Glad it went well and lovely photos xx

    • Thanks. The lady that makes them is excellent. I’d love to have such a talent.

      I enjoyed the party but it was hard work. The kids were all really good though and their parents were made to stay lol

  4. Looks like he had an amazing time celebrating, the perfect party for the perfect little boy. Love his sonic cake, but his cupcakes (that you made are excellent). I’m already starting to organise The Boy’s party in June.

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